The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Dushkin's Store is a web-store wich was created because my teacher told me to

It's a web-store, built by myself. The main idea of this work is to make a web-site without any CMS, to release authorization and a cart, so you can order something. If you Liked this web-site you can chek out another my works HERE!

The Details

Assignment for the Individual Work

Development of the art shop

You read my mind?

You want a picture? Have some ideas? We know how make a dream come true.

Quick start!

Just go to the catalog below and select your preferred size and style of the future picture.

Bit more slowly. I'm taking this down

At the time of the request describe all the wishes for the picture and attach the image, which should be taken as a basis.


You will be contacted with our consultants to clarify the order and discuss the method of delivery.

Reports, reports and reports

We will keep in touch with you until the end of the work on the project, also we would be sending the photo-report of each stage of the drawing.


We give 100% quality guarantee on all our products. In the case of dissatisfaction with the order - just call us.